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We Integrate AI with HR Data Across the Digital Landscape

Automate Outreach to Decision Makers Who Need
Python React Ruby on Rails .NET Java Golang

Data and automation for your email and LinkedIn outreach.
Target decision makers based on the technologies they are seeking.

No experience with outreach? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Target companies that actually need your services

Outreach to companies actively seeking developers

Discover startups and enterprises searching for software development services, don't miss out on the opportunities in the market.

Companies with a budget

We monitor tech startups and enterprises based on their financials and location, mainly in the US, Canada, EU, and UK.

Analyzed by AI for tech stack they currently need

Hundreds of thousands career pages and job posts are processed by AI to understand tech stack currently needed by each lead.

Decision maker contact, prepared for outreach

We collect and verify email addresses and LinkedIn profiles of company decision makers, making them ready for outreach automation.

Focus on sales calls, we will handle the rest

We can help you set up automation or fully manage your outreach campaign, allowing you to focus solely on sales calls and closing deals.

Large Outreach, Personalized Messages

We segment your outreach campaign based on the technologies that leads are seeking.


Subject: Mobile App Development Services at Your Disposal

Hi Marcus,

your job listing for a mobile app developer caught my eye. Our agency has a track record of delivering innovative and user-friendly mobile applications that have achieved top rankings in stores...

Mobile iOS

Subject: Experienced Java Developers Ready to Join Your Team

Dear Jack,

your recent job posting for a Java developer sparked my interest. We have a dedicated team of Java developers with a deep understanding of the Java ecosystem and...


Subject: Skilled AI Developers to Support Your Projects

Hi Sara,

I noticed your recent job advertisement for a Data Science specialist. We have extensive experience providing data science solutions with a track record of solving...


Near 0% Bounce Rate

Every decision maker email on the list is verified

100% Relevant Messages

Target decision makers based on their tech stack needs

GDPR compliant

Up to date with all the key data protection requirements of GDPR

What Our Customers Says

"Our client had sudden layoffs, so we urgently needed a new project for our Python developer. We decided to try IT Leads, and the very first list of leads secured us a contract with a $100,000 ARR."

“The IT Leads team was super responsive with any question our business had, moreover, our annual recurrent profit from deals secured using IT Leads is already $42,000. "

Our Services

We monitor hundreds of thousands of tech companies, analyzing their current tech stack needs to precisely target your outreach.

Together with our partner LeadsPicker, executing outreach campaigns for 550+ clients worldwide, we offer the possibility to help you automate or completely manage your outreach, allowing you to focus solely on your sales calls.

Lead Generation

You already master the outreach process and need just better leads?

Price starting at

€599 / month

based on number of leads

  • Leads are generated based on techstack you are targeting
  • 100,000+ tech companies freshly crawled and analyzed
  • Each lead is tagged by technologies they currently need
  • Leads has verified email and LinkedIn contact information ready for your outreach

Show me how it works
Outreach Automation

Want to dedicate your time solely to sales calls?

Price starting at

€1,299 / month

based on your requirements

Powered by

  • At least 3 month engagement
  • Leads are generated based on techstack you are targeting
  • Outreach is done for you
  • Warm leads will be forwarded to you for meetings and closing deals.

Show me how it works
To analyze the tech stacks that companies currently need, we use a large language model to read and understand career pages from hundreds of thousands of tech companies. We enrich this data with decision-maker contact details, making the document plug-and-play for your sales team outreach process.
We get it, the best way to conduct sales is through networking, personal connections, and recommendations from satisfied customers. It's also true that cold outreach can be spammy when targeting the potential clients is done incorrectly.

However, shying away from approaching new potential clients, where a single deal could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue for your company, would be a missed opportunity.

Numerous companies on the market are in need of IT services and would welcome your outreach. The best thing about cold outreach is that it is low-cost, scalable strategy, and once it is set up, it runs automatically, bringing you constant stream of potential new customers.
When considering a lead generation service, there is one the most important criterion to which you should pay the attention.

The critical question to ask is, “Is this service targeting my potential customers correctly?” Targeting in outreach ultimately makes difference between successful campaign which brings you new clients, and sea of spam and unsolicited emails.

Our lead generation service specializes in one specific niche in which we excel – we analyze the IT market for relevant outreach campaign.

Our approach is to use a large language model to analyze career pages of tech companies, understand their requirements and tech stack they currently need and provide it for you in easy to use format.

There is no better way to perform cold outreach than by addressing the immediate business needs of your potential clients – and that's exactly where IT Leads helps you.
Yes, we provide this service through our partner, LeadsPicker. They are experts in outreach automation and know how to get the most out of our leads. Whether you need help setting up the campaign or prefer to outsource the entire outreach process to focus solely on sales calls, they've got you covered. You can book a call to find out more here.
With respect to location, our interest is in the global market, but we are targeting countries with high software developer rates, such as the United States, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore etc.

As for the types of companies, our scope includes both fast-growing startups and mature enterprises.

Above all, each of these companies is in search of software development services.